Network Security

How secure is your business, really? Many businesses take the security of their software and network systems for granted, and along with it all their data… until something goes wrong. Don’t get caught out without the right security measures in place.

We’ve got your IT Security covered. Let’s start with what we feel is the most important part of any network security plan, educating the people who use your systems. Good viruses and hackers attack people not systems.

Setting Up Your 1st Line of Defence

  • We do a full security audit to identify the areas that leave you open to attack.
  • Our audits ensure full systems compliance.
  • All our solutions meet stringent security standards.

2nd Line of Defence: Building Your Firewall

  • With the correct reinforcements your Firewall can become an effective tool for blocking unwanted risks and controlling unwanted internet abuse.
  • We also set up secure remote access so that whenever you or your employees access your network from a different location, you are still covered.

Making sure there are no holes in your Security

A gap in your security can create havoc for your business. The bottom line is to keep your entire security system whole and strong, and thats what we offer by:

    • Checking your entire system for any holes,
    • Tightening your security,
    • and Protecting your business.

Updating your Antivirus

When last did you update your Antivirus? You know you should have a good antivirus but which one? We set you up with the Antivirus which we know will defend your business against viruses and Trojans most effectively.

Disaster Recovery made Simple

A disaster doesn’t need to spell disaster for your business.  Power outages, electrical surges or theft of one or more computers could put you out of business.

  • Let us help you set up an efficient disaster recovery system that will protect your data and give you peace of mind.
  • We will advise you on the best backup systems for your specific business needs and look after your data to shorten your recovery time after a sudden loss.