Microsoft 365

We provide the entire Microsoft 365 online solution.

We have been delivering and supporting Microsoft 365 with hundreds of organizations in South Africa. Here are five advantages of Microsoft 365:

Office 365 is accessible from anywhere, any time

Microsoft designed 365 in such a way that it could use cloud technology to be accessible from anywhere at any time.

Software that works on all platforms

Microsoft 365 is compatible with Windows, Apple Macs, and even mobile devices thanks to the recent release of the Mobile platform. (mobile device free versions of your preferred Office programs) Microsoft 365 is available from everywhere because it operates online.

Simple to Use

Depending on the task at hand, office software can be utilized for routine, simple tasks or more difficult ones. One of the unique aspects of Microsoft 365 is that it can be utilized to streamline processes and boost productivity by users of all ages and skill levels.

Most Businesses Use Microsoft 365

Microsoft 365 is utilized by almost 20% of the world’s population, which should give you some indication of its popularity. 1.2 billion is an absurdly large amount of people. That many witnesses cannot be mistaken. According to recent figures, the proportion of firms with at least 100 users of Microsoft 365 went from 87% to 91%, while usage within organizations surged by almost 320%.

Safe & Secure

Microsoft has agreed to keep your information and data safe. One of the safest cloud services available, all data stored in the cloud is hosted in Microsoft’s data centers, offering real-time safety scans for communications and documents for cyber security risks. At DoneIT, we will assist you with all installations.